Introducing the wonderful performance of the Mach system!

Air conditioning and ventilation of the whole house can be done with one air conditioner

Introducing the wonderful performance of the Mach system!

Air conditioning and ventilation of the whole house can be done with one air conditioner

What is the Mach system ?

This is the latest ventilation and air conditioning system for the whole building, which is attracting attention from everyone who is interested in energy conservation and health in their homes.

The air conditioning in the whole building is not only a room but also a room, a toilet, a hallway, a kitchen, etc., where the space of the whole house is air-conditioned and air-conditioned for 24 hours.

Since the temperature difference in the house is reduced, the risk of heat shock is reduced, and pollen and dust particles in the outside air are removed by a filter and taken in,

There are various advantages such as being able to send clean and clean air indoors.

If you are considering the construction of your own home, please feel free to contact FH Alliance Co., Ltd.


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company name

FH Alliance Inc.(Futuer House Alliance)

Street address

7-11, Fujiyamadai, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture

phone number
business hours

From 9:00 to 17:00

Regular holiday

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


Kazuro Hiroishi

Purpose of the meeting

The FH Alliance is an alliance of local construction and design offices that continues to provide high-quality housing using the latest technology.
Provide safe and secure homes by sharing the excellent know-how of member companies and joint development of new technologies.

Number of officers

1 chairman, 2 vice-chairmen, 6 directors, 1 auditor (accounting audit), 1 advisor

Date of establishment

September 8, 2010


1 chairman
44 regular members (open construction shop)
16 general members (design office + construction company)
3 supporting members (manufacturers)
1 advisor
63 companies in total (including chairman and advisor)


Yuzo Sakamoto

We are working
Technology etc.

Small temperature difference large air volume ventilation air conditioning system (Mach system),
Brick hollow construction house, solar power generation system, management quality award, etc.


Patent acquisition No. 5094894, No. 5067769, No. 5542167, other pending
Adopted as “Residential project for housing / architecture related technology development” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2009
FY2012 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “Net Zero Energy House Support Project”
Adopted as a plus one system "Indoor / outdoor temperature difference control type heat exchange air system"
Adopted as other energy-saving system "Mach System"

Member organization

Regular member / General member / Supporting member / Special member


FHアライアンス Co., Ltd., which proposes the creation of comfortable and healthy homes through the Mach system, was established by a collection of volunteer construction companies and design offices active all over the country based in Aichi Prefecture. We will carefully support those who are interested in the Mach system that realizes efficient ventilation and air conditioning that matches the times, so please feel free to contact us by phone or email first.

About us

For Mach System, please contact FH Alliance Co., Ltd.!

Would you like to make your whole house a comfortable space by introducing the Mach system? ??

I often hear the term air conditioning in the entire building, but what kind of equipment is it? Many may wonder, "What are the benefits?"

As the name implies, air conditioning in the entire building is a facility for adjusting the air in the house as a whole, and one air conditioner installed in the air conditioner room is used for living room, dining room, children's room, study room, and bedroom. It has the advantage of being able to ventilate all spaces from the toilet, washroom, and corridor for 24 hours, and to adjust the room temperature by air conditioning.

Regardless of whether it is a detached house or condominium, in conventional houses, air conditioners and ventilation fans were installed in each room to air-condition, but with whole-building air conditioning, the inside of the house can always be kept at a constant and comfortable room temperature. ..

In winter, blood pressure fluctuates due to sudden temperature changes, and the risk of heat shock, which makes it easier for cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction to occur, is taken up. Therefore, the risk can be reduced.

For those who are interested in the epoch-making whole building ventilation and air conditioning equipment, we will propose a plan suitable for each need, so please feel free to contact us.

The Mach system is an epoch-making facility that can save energy!

The company, which undertakes high-grade design and construction by affiliated contractors, offers proposals to make a wonderful home even more attached by introducing comfortable ventilation and air conditioning equipment throughout the building. ..

In Japan, which has four seasons and shows a beautiful expression that differs from season to season, it is necessary to introduce equipment that considers both cooling and heating, and for those who aim to acquire their own home, how to reduce energy costs. Is of great interest to.

The entire building ventilation air conditioner consists of a 24-hour ventilation system that uses the latest heat exchange unit with a high heat exchange rate and a high-efficiency air conditioner, so compared to the case where individual air conditioners are installed. It is a big attraction that you can reduce the operating cost.

Maintenance of the main filters installed to maintain ventilation capacity can be completed by simply cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or washing with water about once every two to three weeks. It also saves time and effort.

In addition, if you would like to know more information about the whole building air conditioning: Mach system, please feel free to contact us.