What is the Mach system! ?

What is the Mach system! ?

Leveraging the comfort and energy efficiency is an advantage of high-gas-tight high-insulated houses the most is to now it is said that the central air-conditioning.

However, it is hard to say that the current air conditioning system for the entire building fulfills its merits.

The MaHAt system is designed and constructed by a contractor according to each house.

A long-life system that maximizes comfort and energy efficiency.

In winter, the air heated by the sun in the south-facing room is sent throughout the house,

It is also a passive air conditioning system that warms the room on the north side.

(Patent No. 5094894, Patent No. 5067769, etc. pending)

Features of Mach system 1

Features of Mach system 1

MaHAt system 01

・ Healthy daily life

Even with the air conditioner on, it's hot in the summer when you get out of the room.

It's surprisingly cold in winter.

You will be free from such stress.

In addition, since the entire house is filtered and ventilated under the floor, under the ceiling and in the toilet, house dust and pollen that cause allergies are also strongly removed.

Please experience it at model houses nationwide.

Features of Mach system 2

MaHAt system 02

・ Friendly to daily household budget

Even if the air conditioner is running 24 hours a day, you only need one home air conditioner.

With the Mach system, you can save on your monthly electricity bill.

Furthermore, not only running costs but also introduction costs can be kept low with patented technology.

Features of Mach system 3

MaHAt system 03

・ Full-order air conditioning throughout the building

Due to the convenience of installing a system unit in general air conditioning in the entire building

It is difficult to achieve a 100% favorite floor plan.

However, with the Mach system, the contractor will make a custom-made air-conditioning room according to the floor plan of the house.

You can freely stick to the floor plan and the shape of the house.

With the Mach system, your ideal home will surely come true.

Features of Mach system 4

MaHAt system 04

・ Supports remodeling

The Mach system is also suitable for remodeling.

It is possible to incorporate the Mach system not only in existing highly airtight and highly insulated houses, but also in ordinary houses by performing heat insulation and airtight construction at the same time.

You can enjoy the comfort of the Mach system.

Come to the model house where you can experience the effects of the Mach system

For those who want to "see with their own eyes" and "experience the effects" of a house equipped with air-conditioning equipment throughout the building, which allows them to live a comfortable life all year round, whether in hot summers or cold winters, construction shops around the country are models We have a house. On the homepage, photos of model houses in each area are posted and detailed information is introduced, so you can use it to create your ideal home together with construction examples.
By introducing air conditioning equipment throughout the building, not only can all rooms be kept at a constant temperature 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but it is also possible to clean the air using the air supply / exhaust control mechanism, pollen and house. It is also very attractive that you can avoid health hazards such as dust and sick house syndrome. If you are interested, please come visit us at model houses all over the country and experience the value for yourself.

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