Visualize the comfort of the Mach system with numbers

The FHアライアンス Co., Ltd., which widely informs about the value and effectiveness of the Mach system, does not emphasize only the theory and technical aspects, but thoroughly verifies the effectiveness of air conditioning throughout the building The actual measurement data in the model house is “visualized” in the form of numbers. If you look at the data, I am confident that you will be able to understand the comfort of keeping the temperature and humidity constant regardless of the season and the external climatic conditions.
In the model house, you can experience its comfort at any time, so please use it together with the data.

Numbers don't lie, empirical data tells

Comfortable & energy saving with Mach system!

The quality of life is greatly changed by air conditioning in all rooms!

The purpose of building a house is to improve the quality of life.
The ideal thermal environment can be achieved with the Mach system. And energy saving.

"Comfort" and "Energy saving" as seen in the graph

Data from February 2013 to the end of July was obtained for half a year (from cold February 1 to hot August 1). The Mach System Experience Hall “Nursing Model House” on display in Sadohara Town, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture is 65 tsubo, which is larger than ordinary houses. Data has been acquired.

Please come to the “Mach System Experience Model Houses” where you can experience this ability!

Mach system keeps the ideal room temperature even in extreme cold in winter

A company that designs and constructs a completely new style of air conditioning in the whole building has released proof data in order to familiarize themselves with the effectiveness of the facilities and actual cases. In January, when the entire country is said to be the coldest, the effect was verified in a house with a total floor area of 65 tsubo. It is kept at 25 ° C.
We have received many evaluations that "the quality of life has changed significantly" by introducing air conditioning throughout the building that maintains a comfortable environment and realizes energy saving, and the development attitude aimed at further improving the quality of life is wrong It has been widely proven not to have. This is an attractive facility for those who think that “if you want to build your own home, it ’s an ideal thermal environment”. Demonstrations and actual measurement data are available on the website, so please refer to them if you are considering introduction.

Mach system is always comfortable due to constant humidity

The whole building air conditioner is a dehumidification function that operates the air conditioner 24 hours a day, and has the advantage that the humidity in the room can be kept almost constant regardless of the season or outside conditions. According to data verified over the course of a month in January, although the outside humidity often reached around 90% on many days, where in the house where the next-generation building-wide ventilation and air conditioning system is operating But it was always kept at 40-55% humidity.
One day, 90% humidity suddenly changed to 20% during the day, but it was confirmed that the room still kept a certain level of 50%. These properties not only make people feel comfortable, but also have the added advantage of allowing the room to be dried without worrying about indoor humidity and mold, even during the rainy season, pollen and exhaust gas problems. There is also. If you are considering introducing a ventilation and air-conditioning system throughout the building that will make your life comfortable and convenient, please visit the model house.

The effectiveness of the Mach system is based on measured data from model houses.

A company based in Aichi Prefecture that provides the latest air conditioning throughout the country through member stores nationwide, publishes actual measurement data that visualizes the temperature, humidity, and outside temperature in model houses around the country. doing. From Hokkaido to Kyushu, you can see real-time measurement data of model houses built on land with various climates, so make sure that you are always at a constant temperature and humidity without being affected by outside temperature can do.
If you actually go to the model house, you can experience it with your own eyes and body, but with the release of actual measurement data, you can say `` I can not visit because it is far away '' `` I want to know the operation situation on bad weather conditions '' We will respond to your wishes. We hope that you will experience the value of next-generation ventilation and air-conditioning equipment that considers the comfort of people living there in addition to the great advantages of energy saving and eco-friendliness. Please give me.

The Mach system allows you to control the amount of air supply in each room

You might wonder, "I understand the structure of air conditioning in the entire building, but what if I want to adjust the temperature in each room?" The air supply in each room can be freely adjusted with the controller installed in each room, so it has the advantage of creating a comfortable space according to the feeling, physical condition, and taste.
In addition, fresh air conditioned in the air conditioner room is blown under the floor and under the ceiling, so the attic feels cool in the summer and warm under the floor in the winter, improving comfort. By controlling not only the temperature but also the humidity under the floor and under the ceiling in a comfortable state, it is possible to avoid the risk of termites that dislike airflow inhabiting, and it is also attractive that the durability of the building itself is improved. is. If you want to thoroughly check the mechanism of the next-generation ventilation and air-conditioning system in the entire building, please come to the model houses that are deployed nationwide.