There are many advantages to introducing a next-generation ventilation and air conditioning system throughout the building.

FHアライアンス Co., Ltd., which proposes a comfortable and healthy living with the Mach System, wants as many people as possible to know the benefits obtained from the introduction and the positive effects on the human body. Air conditioning is indispensable for a comfortable home, but unfortunately it also involves various environmental and health risks.
Anyone from small children to the elderly is actively sending out the effectiveness and benefits of the whole building air-conditioning system, which we recommend with confidence to live with peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us.

A gentle wind for women and children because there is no hot or cold air

The Mach system is very comfortable!

I think that many of you are not good at heating and cooling winds. That should be the case, for example, when the room temperature is set to 20 degrees by heating, the temperature of the blown air will be about 45 to 60 degrees. It is natural that you will not be comfortable if you receive such hot air properly.

In addition, even in a house with high airtightness and heat insulation, high temperature air is blown into the room, so warm air collects near the ceiling and there is a temperature difference between the top and bottom. My face is hot enough to shine, but my feet are soothing.

On the other hand, the Mach system has only one air conditioner installed in the air conditioner room. There is no air conditioner in each room to blow hot or cold air. The air sent from the air conditioner room, which is about 1 to 3 degrees different from the room temperature, is delivered to the room from the air supply port of each room. If there is no difference from room temperature, humans will not feel much airflow.
Despite the large amount of air being delivered, I hardly feel the air volume.
In addition, the room air is slowly agitated by a large amount of blown air, so the floor, wall, and ceiling temperatures are almost constant, there is no unnecessary radiant heat, and there is unprecedented comfort that was not possible with conventional heating and cooling. Space is realized.

Since the air adjusted to a comfortable temperature in the air conditioner room is sent to each room, there is no discomfort caused by hot or cold air blowing from the air conditioner. You can spend comfortably with almost no feeling of air volume.

The Mach system is energy saving! !!

Since one wall-mounted air conditioner for home use is used to air-condition the entire house, it can be operated at low running cost despite 24-hour air conditioning.

Certain ventilation is possible.

In the conventional ventilation system, the air sent into the room is about 12-15 cubic meters per hour between 6 tatami mats. However, in general, type 3 ventilation is attached to the outer wall, and most types supply and exhaust air at one location at the same time. Therefore, it cannot be expected that the air in the corner of the room far from the outer wall will be well ventilated.
It becomes close to agitation, which is said to be a short circuit, and ventilation is insufficient.

In the Mach system, the ventilation volume is the same as before, but the air in the house is constantly circulating, and new air is mixed and sent along with the air, so it reaches every corner of the room. The Mach system delivers the ventilation that should be.

The clean air makes the living environment more beautiful.

By installing an "electronic entire air cleaning unit" in a Mach system with a small temperature difference and a large air volume, house dust such as dust, mold, and pollen will be exhausted.

PM2.5 is also firmly caught and never missed.

The back of the ceiling is cool.

In August, during the hot summer day, customers who went up to the ceiling “Mom, you can take a nap here!” (True story) The Mach system cools the ceiling in the summer and warms in the winter I am blowing. The midsummer roof is heated to about 80 ° C in direct sunlight. Summer attic temperatures generally rise to around 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in the room on the second floor, it is difficult to cool, and even if the room temperature is lowered by an air conditioner, the ceiling and walls are hot, and radiant heat is radiated into the room, causing unpleasant heat.

In the Mach system, cool air is blown to the back of the ceiling in the summer, so the back of the ceiling is also 26 ° C to 27 ° C. Therefore, the room temperature on the second floor is not affected by the high-temperature radiant heat from the ceiling or walls, and a comfortable room temperature can be achieved. From the back of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor, the Mach system is superior in that clean air is constantly flowing, with temperatures adjusted from 22 ° C in winter to 26 ° C in summer, providing a healthy and long-lasting environment for both people and buildings. It is a feature.

The house will last longer.

All spaces are air-conditioned from under the floor to the ceiling. This prevents the structural enclosure inside the insulation and the piping wires of equipment from being exposed to high or low temperatures. Also, since it keeps sending clean air constantly, the accumulation of dust and the like is also reduced.

Easy to clean.

1. A filter is attached to the air chamber. House air passes through this filter 5 to 10 times an hour to remove dust. Therefore, dust generated in the house is collected by the filter before it falls to the floor, so a living environment with little dirt can be realized.

2. A filter is also installed in the first-class heat exchanger in the outside air introduction section. PM2.5 class filter boxes can also be added.

it is quiet.

Air conditioners and blowers that generate noise are installed inside the air conditioner room. Each room has a vent, so it is very quiet.

Effective for termite countermeasures.

Under the floor, air with a constant wind velocity constantly flows. Termites have the property of avoiding airflow, so if you feel the wind, they will make a U-turn and come back, so you won't get under the floor. Creates an environment where termites cannot physically enter without using drugs.

Corresponds to future layout changes and usage changes.

Mach system maintenance and care

Each room has enough duct piping, so it is possible to change the layout relatively easily. Also, in the future, if a special exhaust is required in a room such as the elderly, it can be easily handled by changing the air conditioner room.

Easy maintenance

For daily maintenance, simply clean the filter inside the air conditioner room and clean the filter at the exhaust port of each room with a cleaner. Very simple and easy.

Easy future system renewal

This system has only one air conditioner, a heat exchange unit and a small ventilation fan. They can be easily replaced at low cost when they are overdue. Moreover, they are not special special equipment, but are widely sold as general-purpose products. Ducts are also selected and constructed in consideration of easy cleaning. It can be said that this is a system suitable for long-life houses.

* Maintenance can be done by yourself, but if you would like a maintenance contract, please let us know.

Realizing a neat interior with the introduction of the Mach system

When building your own home, many people think that they want to “finish the exterior and interior with the ideal image for themselves and their families” and “want to stick to it”. It is fun to consider the interior of a new house, but when thinking about the interior it is difficult to position the air conditioner, or the ideal interior is ruined by the air conditioner, `` It does not go as expected '' Some may be lamenting.
In that respect, the whole building air conditioner can cool and heat the whole house with a single air conditioner installed in an invisible air conditioner room, eliminating the need to install an air conditioner in each room, making it easier to realize an ideal interior You. The interior walls without air conditioner can be seen clearly and the room can be seen widely and you can enjoy an open living, so please actively consider it.

Mach system is attractive for those who are in trouble due to the unpleasant wind of the air conditioner

If you try to keep the indoor temperature constant using an air conditioner in winter, the air blown out of the air conditioner will be much higher than the set temperature, so it may be more likely that `` we are not good at the wind blown from the air conditioner directly '' Maybe. Even in high-performance air-tight and heat-insulating houses, the high-temperature air that blows into the room causes warm air to rise near the ceiling, resulting in a lack of comfort, such as `` although the face shines but the feet cool down ''. You will be robbed.
The air-conditioning system in the whole building has the advantage that the air sent from the air conditioner room is delivered to the room from the air inlet of each room with a temperature of about 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, so there is the advantage that almost no airflow is felt. If you are interested in comfortable facilities that take care not only of adjusting the temperature but also of the wind and airflow felt by the body, please feel free to contact us.

Mach system is perfect for realizing clean air and space

Air conditioning throughout the building affects the entire space from the floor below to the ceiling, so the structure inside the insulation and the piping wires of each facility are not exposed to high and low temperatures, and clean air is constantly As it is sent and circulated, it has the advantage of reducing the accumulation of dust and dust. The air chamber is equipped with a filter that allows the air in the house to pass through the filter about 5 to 10 times an hour to remove harmful substances such as dust and pollen.
In addition, the first-class heat exchanger that introduces outside air also has a filter, and a filter box that can remove PM2.5 class can be added, so it is attractive for those who want to stick to a clean space anyway. is. If you are looking for a comfortable home with consideration for the health of your family, please consider introducing one.