Mach system is a mechanism to create a convenient and comfortable environment

Mach system with the same durability as your home

An air conditioning unit equipped with one household air conditioner (in the case of a house of about 45 tsubo) adjusts the fresh air and circulating air from which dust and pollen have been removed to a comfortable temperature, and uses a small blower to create a It will be delivered to every corner.

Therefore, you will not be bothered by the problems of "the winter is warm in the living room, but the corridor is cold", "the bedroom is cool in the midsummer night, but the child's room is hard to sleep", "the room is warm near the heating but the feet are cold". ..

Both warm and cold air do not accumulate on the top and bottom of the house, eliminating the problem with conventional air conditioners and air conditioners that there is a temperature difference only at the outlet and strong wind. ..

Live in clean air all year round

How the Mach system works

MaHAt system structure

Pickup1 air conditioner room

pickup1 Air conditioner room

In air conditioning machine room that has been kicked settings such as the attic, the air came back from each room,

Mix fresh air from the outside.

The air is filtered before entering the air conditioner room.

In addition, the temperature and humidity of the outside air are adjusted to some extent to allow it to pass through the heat exchanger.

Pickup2 air conditioner

Pickup2 air conditioner

  pickup2 air conditioner  

The air conditioner room is equipped with a home air conditioner (12 tatami air conditioners are standard in a building with a total floor area of 40 tsubo).

The air purified by the filter is adjusted in temperature and humidity by the air conditioner. A humidifier or aroma humidifier may be installed depending on the season.
In other words, we create a clean and comfortable atmosphere in this room.
*The size of the air conditioner varies depending on the conditions of the house.

Pickup3 air supply grill

pickup3 Air supply grill  

Fresh outside air is introduced into the air conditioner room of ❶ through a filter that removes up to PM2.5 (97%), mixed with the circulating air in the room, adjusted by the air conditioner, and then supplied to each room from the ventilation grill. I will.

Pickup4 exhaust grill

pickup4 exhaust grill

The air that has been diluted with fresh outside air and circulated indoors is finally discharged to the outside from the toilet or storage room.

Pickup5 control

pickup5 Control  

Air supply is provided by a controller installed in each room.

It can be adjusted.

Pickup6 ・ 7 Blown floor / ceiling

Pickup6 ・ 7 Blowing floor / ceiling  

Fresh air conditioned from the air conditioner room is blown under the floor and behind the ceiling. The attic will feel cool in the summer and the floor will feel warm in the winter.

The temperature and humidity of the building are comfortably controlled from under the floor to the ceiling, improving durability.

Pickup8 Air cleaning throughout

Pickup8 Air purification throughout the building  

We breathe about 15,000 liters of air per day.

If your house is dirty with house dust such as dust, mold and pollen, or PM2.5, it may get into our body by breathing.


The electronic whole building air purification unit is installed in the air conditioning room of the Mach system to clean the air throughout the house.

It collects pollen and house dust, as well as small stains such as PM2.5 and mold.

However, because it is a mechanism that adsorbs particles in dirty air and collects dust, the ventilation capacity and air volume do not decrease.

In addition, the electronic dust collection filter is repeatedly washed and regenerated at home, so there is no replacement cost.

Indoor temperature data for homes using the Mach system

Indoor temperature data of a house with Mach system  

The graph on the left is the actual measurement data of the indoor temperature and the outside air temperature of the house where the Mach system is installed for one year.
You can see that the cold storage effect of the entire building reduces the temperature change in the living room and greatly reduces the heating and cooling load.

Mach system reliably cuts dirty air

In the air conditioner room provided in the space such as the attic or attic, the air circulating and returning from each room is mixed with fresh air from the outside so that air of stable quality can be sent out. You. The outside air passes through a high-performance filter that can almost eliminate PM2.5-level harmful substances before entering the air conditioner room, and the temperature and humidity are adjusted to some extent by the heat exchanger, so the dirty outside air is sent to the entire building as it is. Don't worry about it.
After being mixed with the circulating air in the room, the temperature is controlled by the air conditioner, it is delivered to each room through a duct and supplied from the ventilation grill. You may feel uneasy, `` What will happen to the smell and dirty air in the room? '', But the air that was diluted with fresh outside air and circulated in the room eventually went out of the toilet and storage room to the outside Will be discharged. We are not only cooling and heating, but also developing ventilation performance, so please use with confidence.

Mach system allows you to control the air supply in each room

You might think, "I understand the structure of air conditioning throughout the building, but what if you want to control the temperature in each room?" The air supply in each room can be adjusted freely with the controller attached to each room, so it has the feature that it can create a comfortable space according to the feeling, physical condition, and preference.
In addition, fresh air conditioned in the air conditioner room is blown into the underfloor and above the ceiling, so that the attic feels cooler in summer and the underfloor feels warmer in winter, improving comfort. By controlling not only the temperature but also the humidity under the floor and under the ceiling to a comfortable state, it is possible to avoid the risk of termites having a tendency to disturb airflow and to increase the durability of the building itself. is. If you want to thoroughly check the structure of next-generation ventilation and air-conditioning equipment in the whole building, please come to model houses that operate nationwide.

Introduce Mach system for energy saving and comfortable living environment

A single wall-mounted air conditioner for home use centrally manages air conditioning throughout the house, so it is a great attraction that it can be operated at low running costs despite air conditioning being performed 24 hours a day. As the number of family members including children increases, it is necessary to install air conditioning equipment in each room, and there may be many worries that it costs a considerable amount of electricity in midsummer and midwinter, Such problems can be solved by introducing a next-generation ventilation and air-conditioning system.
Moreover, the air conditioner in the air conditioner room sends out air that has a difference of only about 1-3 ° C from the room temperature at that time. You don't have to bother. Since a large amount of blown air slowly agitates the air in the entire room, the temperature of the floor, walls and ceiling is almost constant, creating a higher-grade comfortable space than before, so please consider introducing it .

Mach system regulates the whole building with one home air conditioner

Many people are worried, "I've heard the term air conditioning in the entire building, but how big an air conditioner is needed to heat and cool the whole building?", But the next-generation ventilation and air conditioning system is for home use. We are creating a comfortable space with just one wall-mounted room air conditioner. In the air conditioner room installed in the attic or the back of the hut, we will install an air conditioner of a size suitable for a 12 tatami mat air conditioner in a building with a total floor area of 40 tsubo.
The air purified by the filter can be adjusted in temperature and humidity by the air conditioner in the air conditioner room, and a humidifier or aroma humidifier can be placed according to the season and preference to create comfortable air. A completely new concept of ventilation and air conditioning equipment that can only be realized in a highly airtight and highly insulated house can be introduced in a detached house handled by a member contractor nationwide, so if you are aiming to acquire your own home from now on, please feel free to contact us. Please contact us.


Mach system is energy-efficient equipment

A single air conditioner can heat and cool the entire house

The Mach System is a state-of-the-art ventilation and air-conditioning system that attracts attention from those who are interested in energy conservation and home health. Whole building air conditioning refers to equipment that cools and heats the entire house, such as toilets, corridors, and kitchens, with a single air conditioner, and provides 24-hour ventilation.
There are various possibilities, such as reducing the risk of heat shock because the temperature difference in the house is reduced, and removing the pollen and dust particles from the outside air with a filter to send clean and clean air indoors. Benefits. If you are considering building your own home, please feel free to contact FHアライアンス Co., Ltd.

The Mach system is a mechanism that creates a convenient and comfortable environment.

The structure of the Mach system has been completed by thoroughly investigating cooling and heating efficiency and ventilation efficiency, and improves comfort and security in a highly airtight and highly insulated house. Not only can the energy required for temperature control be reduced by circulating the indoor air, but a high-performance filter for taking in the outside air and the exhaust of the air circulated inside the room will always maintain a fresh, safe, and comfortable humidity. Goes all over the building.
It is a very effective facility to extend the life of the building, so if you want to keep your dream home for a long time, please consider introducing it.