The Mach system is a state-of-the-art ventilated air conditioning system

For those who want to know about the next-generation ventilated air-conditioning system called Mach System, here is the purpose of development and the main features. Attention has been drawn to cutting-edge facilities that can solve the problems of air conditioning, heating and ventilation in houses at once, and we have received inquiries from all over the country because of their flexibility to accommodate various types of houses.
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The entire building is air-conditioned with one air conditioner! The decisive factor for energy saving!

About Mach System

It is said that air conditioning throughout the building makes the most of the advantages of highly airtight and highly insulated houses. However, the current whole building air conditioning system is hardly energy saving. The Mach System is a next-generation whole-room air conditioning system that enables air-conditioning and heating with one commercially available wall-mounted room air conditioner, and at the same time enables energy saving and a comfortable indoor environment that can perform ventilation, air purification, humidification, and dehumidification. (Patented technology)

What is a highly airtight and highly insulated house?

What is high airtightness and high thermal insulation in the first place? It is a house that uses heat insulating material to enhance the heat insulation of the building, and at the same time eliminates the gap and enhances the airtightness.
In a non-insulated house, heated air enters in the summer through roofs, windows, walls, floors, etc., and warm air in the room escapes in winter. Heating and cooling costs are not only high, but for the elderly in the winter, the heat shock when going from a warm room to the corridor, toilet, and dressing room can even be fatal.
Highly airtight and highly insulated houses were introduced to eliminate such temperature differences in the house.

Planned ventilation made possible by high airtightness and high thermal insulation

Why is ventilation necessary in the first place?
There are four main roles in ventilation.

Point1 Ventilation for producing human breath and odor

As you know, if a person breathes, carbon dioxide is emitted. The amount is about 15 liters per hour at rest. It is said that ventilation of 20-30 cubic meters per hour is necessary to discharge this carbon dioxide. For this reason, in conventional homes, a certain amount of ventilation was ensured by drafts, etc., and ventilation fans were often attached as necessary. Also, the Building Standards Law requires that windows for daylighting and ventilation be installed.

Point2 Local ventilation

Ventilation that is performed only for the time when it is generated in a place where odor, steam, or smoke comes out. This includes kitchen range hoods and bathroom ventilators. In addition, the ventilation fan attached to the bedroom etc. with ventilation of (1) is also classified as this local ventilation.

Point3 Whole building ventilation

Ventilation that protects highly airtight and highly insulated houses from condensation damage. The entire building is ventilated with a certain amount to discharge moisture. The amount of displacement varies depending on the way of living and the type of ventilation system, etc., but now it is adapted to 0.5 times ventilation of (4) sick house measures.

Point4 Ventilation as a countermeasure against sick house

Ventilation required by the Building Standards Act in 2003. It aims to discharge VOC (volatile organic compounds) generated from building materials and furniture.

For the house, it is necessary to introduce these four ventilations in a balanced manner.

Since 2003, the Building Standards Law requires that all indoor air be planned at a rate of once every two hours. Highly airtight and highly insulated houses can perform planned ventilation that keeps indoor air fresher than conventional houses that are full of gaps.

The reason for this is that the more airtight, the easier it is to take in fresh air from the air intake and let it out from the exhaust. If you can imagine whether to drink juice with a normal straw or a straw with a hole, it would be easier to understand.

The quality of ventilation required

24-hour ventilation made possible by highly airtight and highly insulated houses. However, the quality of its ventilation is poor, and there are many cases of dew condensation, mold and mite. Kazuo Hiroishi, the chairman of the FHアライアンス, has been conducting research on air conditioning at a former ventilation and air conditioning manufacturer, and has been consulting on such cases as an expert. Hiroishi points out that the main causes of the accident are that there are still many half-sealed, airtight and highly insulated houses and that there is insufficient awareness of ventilation.

Under the floor

Under the floor

For example, under the floor. There are cases where dew condensation or mold formation may be observed when basic insulation is used to allow air to flow between the room and under the floor, or when outdoor air is taken in using the underfloor ventilation holes. Both were caused by high humidity air entering under the floor. The former solution was to solve the problem by always operating the air conditioner without ventilating the underfloor, and the latter by restricting the intake of outside air from the underfloor ventilation opening to prevent the humid air from entering the underfloor.

Winter overdrying

Overdrying in winter, which is common in highly airtight and highly insulated houses. It is easy to become a hotbed of cold virus that prefers low humidity environment, and it is thought that family members can easily catch a cold.
Therefore, instead of the sensible heat exchange type that only exchanges temperature for the 24-hour ventilation specification, a total heat exchange type that can exchange humidity together is adopted.

* The unit of humidification is g / hour. House with a volume of 300 cubic meters (36 tsubo), room temperature 22 ° C, humidity 40%, outside temperature -4 ° C, humidity 71%, latent heat exchange rate 50% for total heat exchange type, 0% for sensible heat exchange type The exhaust air volume is calculated as 150 cubic meters / hour.

Stick to ventilation!

The FHアライアンス has been stuck to the quality of ventilation, and since 1994, has adopted a first-class ventilation system using a total heat exchange ventilation unit as standard. Type 1 ventilation is a method in which both air supply and exhaust are performed by machine. The heat of the exhaust gas is recovered using a heat exchanger.

So what is heat exchange ventilation?

In this method, when fresh outdoor air is taken in, heat is exchanged with indoor air through a heat exchange element to bring outside air closer to the temperature of indoor air. The outside air is heat-exchanged after cutting dust and pollen with an air purifying filter, and after being brought to a moderate temperature, is sent through ducts to living rooms, bedrooms, and children's rooms.

The “Mach System” has been further developed since around 2005 with the technical cooperation of Panasonic Ecosystems Co., Ltd. for measurement and calculation of ventilation and air conditioning. Was.

In 2009 (2009), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism was adopted as a "housing and construction-related advanced technology development subsidy project", and developed.

In highly airtight and highly insulated houses, the entire building is often ventilated at 0.5 times / hour to provide ventilation as a measure against condensation.
As only 0.5 times / h of ventilation is secured, only 16 cubic meters / h is ventilated between 8 tatami mats. Therefore, even if the calculated value, if two adults are sleeping, the Co2 concentration will exceed 2000 ppm. A value close to this has been measured in actual measurements. In order to solve this, it becomes necessary to attach a ventilation fan separately from 24-hour ventilation.
On the other hand, in the Mach system, since the specific air in the entire house is circulating, the concentration is 750 ppm in the calculated value, and the measured value is close to that in the actual measurement

In this system, an air conditioner room is installed in the back of a cabin, etc., where the air from the outside and the air circulating in the room and returning are collected and purified. Send it to the room.
In other words, the "Mach system" performs not only ventilation but also air conditioning, dehumidification, air purification, and ventilation. It is an “air conditioning (air conditioning) system” that goes beyond “ventilation”.

The Mach system is an evolution of the air conditioning system in the entire building.

Highly airtight and highly heat-insulated houses that use heat insulating materials to improve the heat insulation of buildings as much as possible and at the same time eliminate gaps to improve airtightness are becoming common. In a house with insufficient insulation, heat goes in and out through the roof, windows, walls and floor, and in the summer, the hot air from the outside enters to reduce the cooling efficiency, and in the winter, the warm air in the room escapes more and more. No matter how much air conditioning is done, a lot of waste will occur.
As a result, not only is energy cost high, but there is also the risk of heat shock syndrome when going out of a warm room or bathroom to a cold space such as a corridor, toilet, or dressing room in winter. Highly airtight and highly insulated houses were introduced to solve the problem of temperature difference in such houses, and air conditioning in the entire building helps to maximize the advantages. Please consider the next-generation air-conditioning system for the entire building, which has evolved from the conventional air-conditioning system for the entire building and enables efficient cooling and heating with a single air conditioner for ventilation, humidification, and dehumidification.

Mach system solves the ventilation problem of highly airtight and highly insulated houses

A completely new ventilation and air-conditioning system for the entire building, which is being developed by a company based in Aichi Prefecture, has attracted attention as an epoch-making method for solving ventilation problems in recent years when highly airtight and highly insulated houses have become widespread. I am. Not only does it emit carbon dioxide and odors generated by human breathing, but it is also required by the Building Standards Law from local ventilation performed by kitchen range hoods and bathroom ventilation fans, and whole building ventilation that protects buildings from damage from dew condensation. Even ventilation as a measure against sick house syndrome, highly airtight and highly insulated houses are always forced to fight ventilation.
In the next-generation whole-building ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, an air conditioner room is installed in a place such as the back of a hut, and the air from the outside and the air that circulates in the room and returns are collected and purified to the optimum temperature. After that, we have adopted a method of delivering to each room through a small blower. If you are interested in air conditioning beyond ventilation, which is in charge of everything from ventilation to air conditioning, dehumidification, and air purification, please feel free to contact us.

Introducing the Mach system to realize an energy-saving and comfortable living environment

Since the air conditioning in the house is centrally managed by one wall-mounted air conditioner for home use, it is a big attraction that it can be operated at a low running cost despite the 24-hour air conditioning. As the number of family members, including children, increases, it is necessary to install air conditioners in each room, and many people may be worried that it will cost a lot of utilities in midsummer and midwinter. Such problems can be solved by introducing next-generation ventilation and air conditioning equipment throughout the building.
Moreover, the air conditioner in the air conditioner room sends out air that is only about 1 to 3 ° C different from the room temperature at that time, so there is no fluctuation in the airflow due to the difference from the room temperature, and the air conditioner wind is unpleasant. You don't have to worry about it. Since a large amount of blown air slowly agitates the air in the entire room, the temperature of the floor, walls, and ceiling is almost constant, and a higher-grade comfortable space is realized, so please consider introducing it. ..

Many companies that have delivered Mach systems nationwide

FHアライアンス Co., Ltd., which proposes a comfortable life with Mach System, is a local contractor and design office with the enthusiasm to actively adopt the latest technology and realize a more comfortable and secure house Was established together. By sharing the expertise and superior know-how of each company and jointly developing new technologies, we are able to deliver high-performance housing that achieves maximum cost performance.
Providing ideal homes where each company can cultivate their homes, design and construction methods that match the culture cultivated locally, and adding cutting-edge information and technology to realize more comfortable and safe homes. I've been studying as much as I can. If you are interested in a state-of-the-art air conditioning system that was patented in 2012, please contact a company based in Aichi Prefecture.


Mach system is energy-efficient equipment

A single air conditioner can heat and cool the entire house

The Mach System is a state-of-the-art ventilation and air-conditioning system that attracts attention from those who are interested in energy conservation and home health. Whole building air conditioning refers to equipment that cools and heats the entire house, such as toilets, corridors, and kitchens, with a single air conditioner, and provides 24-hour ventilation.
There are various possibilities, such as reducing the risk of heat shock because the temperature difference in the house is reduced, and removing the pollen and dust particles from the outside air with a filter to send clean and clean air indoors. Benefits. If you are considering building your own home, please feel free to contact FHアライアンス Co., Ltd.


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Patent acquisition No. 5094894, No. 5067769, No. 5542167, other pending
Adopted as “Residential project for housing / architecture related technology development” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2009
FY2012 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “Net Zero Energy House Support Project”
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