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For those who are interested in the Mach system,

The latest news and blogs are posted by FH Alliance Co., Ltd.
We will keep you informed of the merits and application examples of the air conditioning / Mach system in the entire building.

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  • The temperature and humidity and power cons...

        The FH Alliance publishes the temperature, humidity, and electric power of exhibition halls that have adopted the Mach system nationwide on the WEB...
  • Super Clean Mach System page has been added!


Based in Aichi Prefecture, a company that constructs next-generation ventilated air-conditioning equipment nationwide is based on the high technology and flexible responsiveness cultivated by affiliated contractors and design offices over many years of sales. We provide proposals that meet our needs based on our deep trust. In order to make customers' precious homes more attractive, we design and construct equipment that uniformly controls air conditioning throughout the building with a single air conditioner, and support a comfortable life by enriching after-sales follow-up .
As part of our efforts to make even more people know about high-quality ventilation and air-conditioning facilities throughout the building, we are focusing on information transmission using blogs. We regularly upload articles with interesting content, such as daily business scenes, the state of construction, the latest information and great deals, so if you are considering it, please refer to it.