You can experience air conditioning throughout the building at model houses all over the country.

FH Alliance Co., Ltd., which is actively promoting the Mach system, has opened model houses in various places so that you can know more about the air conditioning in the entire building that we confidently recommend. The air-conditioning system / Mach system in the entire building, which can solve the disadvantages of the past by further evolving the air-conditioning system that is indispensable for living a comfortable and healthy life in both hot summer and cold winter, is attracting more and more attention. I will.
If you would like to know more information about the model house, please contact us.

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One of the merits of air-conditioning in the entire building is that it gives rise to the freedom of floor plan. This is a useful plan especially for those who aim to create an open space using a stairwell. The atrium space not only allows the outside bright light to enter, but also has the feature that the open space with a high ceiling allows you to live a comfortable life, but the heated air rises and the area near the floor where people are active cools down There is also a disadvantage of getting it.
Equipment that uniformly regulates the temperature not only in the living room but in all spaces can avoid such problems, and you can fully enjoy the feeling of openness regardless of the season. Model houses are available nationwide for visitors to actually experience the effects, so you can see for yourself the next-generation ventilation and air-conditioning facilities that can be used not only for stairwells but also for houses of various styles. Please use it.